Native American Flute Lessons

Styles Open up your Natural Expression through this instrument
Skill Level Beginner to Advanced
Pricing $80 for one hour lesson

The instrument produces a very healing and soothing tone and is extremely relaxing for the player and listeners alike.

Aaron uses this instrument extensively during sound healings, activations, and meditations.

Learning the Native American Flute
Learning this wonderful instrument is surprisingly simple, and students can get up and running quite quickly with minimal instruction.

The way Aaron uses and teaches the instrument is that the flute is a tool for self expression.   
Things you Will Learn on this Instrument

● Connect with the instrument,
● Basics to get up and playing,
● Fundamentals of getting breath through the instrument,
● Fingering and getting a clear sound out of the instrument,
● For the more advanced player, embellishments which can make your playing more interesting and enjoyable, (see the sound file above for examples),
● Instrument maintenance,
● Activating your personal self expression through the instrument.

Maleny, QLD
Also travelling in the local area
0482 528 161
Arana Hills
Brisbane, QLD
0482 528 161

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Details last updated on April 17, 2019