Tully Grimley

  • Bmus (in progress)

I am a current student at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, studying Bass Trombone performance. I am located in West End, and love meeting fresh new faces who are eager to learn.

My teaching style is modeled off the method shown in Timothy Gallwey's “The Inner Game of Tennis”. The method focuses on teaching through example, and using minimal instruction in order to develop skills - such as instrumental playing - as an instinct, rather than through mental instructions.

This teaching style is to be applied to teaching students the Arnold Jacobs brass method, simplified to “Song and Wind”. By encouraging students to develop a strong sound concept, while teaching correct breathing and playing technique, I hope to give them the tools required for future playing, self directed learning, and a sustained enjoyment of music.

West End, QLD
0413 972 165
Brisbane City, QLD
Travelling in the local area
0413 972 165


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