‘I don’t tell her to practice, she opens her book and plays all of it. Takes her a half an hour, she really enjoys it’. Therese, 6 year-old student’s Mom.

- Therese, 6 year-old student’s Mom

‘She has been really enjoying herself. It has been a very good week, it has been on high rotation, really great. Massive leap. Something trigger and they leap. She is really enjoying playing piano at home’.

- George, 4-year old student’s Dad.

I have not been to the lessons for some time and I noticed he made a phenomenal progress! You are a great teacher. Thank you.

- Jack, a student's father

When I grow up I will be a music teacher!

- James, a 4-year old student

'I was extremely impressed with your genuine caring energetic and encouraging approach to teaching. Gemma is very excited to begin lessons and to learn from you'.

- Samantha, the parent

"I thought it will take me 10 years to learn this song ("Bella" from Twilight Movie" and we are now at the last page!"

- Kathryn, an adult learner

'I'm a A Master, even with a Band! You will be amazed!
I can even play 'Let's get Silly' in front of people or Xfactor!'

- Tim, 6 year old