Valerie Hyrst

  • Master of Inclusive Education
  • Master of Developmental Literacy
  • Graduate Diploma of Gifted Education
  • Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Music

I teach to the individual in a kind and focused way that supports my students to develop holistically and fully as musicians and individuals.

With over 35 years of teaching experience, I have worked with tiny tots through to Fellowship Diplomas. A strong ear for detail and style, a gentle but clear approach, belief in my students’ capacities to succeed and love what they are doing and effective knowledge of composers and styles across time mean I have an approach that connects with and brings out the best in all my students, no matter their interests, style tastes or strengths. An intuitive and well studied approach towards technique and theory allow me to quickly identify and support what my students need in order to progress quickly and securely.

I have two Masters degrees in Education (one in Inclusive Ed), Post Graduate Certificate in Gifted Ed, Bachelor in Psychology, Bachelor in Music - growing my teaching skills through professional development has been a life long pursuit.

The learning journey of all students should be satisfying, enjoyable, challenging and empowering. Each person is unique in the way they learn, what they want to achieve and what they enjoy. A good teacher has the knowledge and skills to adapt to these differences in content and approach.

Details last updated: February 12, 2024