Practical Guitar lessons for adults

Styles Classical
Skill Level Advanced
Suitability Ages 30 to 60 years
Pricing $30 per hour for 1-on-1 online coaching


Val here.

I am an acoustic guitar teacher specializing in teaching beginner adults how to play the guitar. My specialty is in my ability to teach you the basics really well. So that within two months of coaching from me you will be able to play songs with 4-5 chords progression.

Of course you will also need to do your bit and practice everyday. I do not teach you how to memorize boring chords on paper nor do I teach you to read guitar tabs. But I will teach you how to string chords together and play by ear, that is, listen to a song on You Tube or the Radio and play it on your guitar using the chords that you will learn from me.

I will teach you a song to play on your guitar so that you have something to strive for not just learning chords which is very boring. I've been there and I hared it and that is why I have come up with my own method.

I taught myself to play the guitar at the age of 40 years old and while I had a lot of doubts about being an older learner I was able to overcome this obstacle and learn to play the guitar within two months and sing two songs as well.

I do travel to my students, however due to the social gathering restrictions I have stopped all face-to-face coaching and I am now only doing online coaching.

All coaching online will be either via Skype, Webex or Messenger, whichever you prefer and it will be for one hour. I will also email you additional information about persevering when you fingertips get sore, when you lack motivation to practice, when you judge yourself to be a bad guitar player...etc

What I have found for myself is that the negative self talk can be a massive barrier to how quickly you learn to play the guitar. And I will coach you in that too as I was also a MMA instructor where I taught Sports Psychology to my fighters.

Payments are required one day before or a few hours on the day of your lesson with me. You can do this by transferring the money into my account and I'll give you that detail after our initial chat.

So where to from here?

If you think that I will be an excellent fit for you as a guitar teacher then call me on 0431 414 124 for a chat and we can book in a day and a time for your first lesson.

You will also need your own guitar too. You don't need to buy a very expensive guitar, mine cost me $80 in 1998 and that is the same guitar I use now. The instrument does not make the music it is you so if you are strapped for cash, just get a cheap one for now so that you can learn.

If you got this far in my description I thank you for taking the time to read it. I look forward to connecting with you and passing onto you my knowledge.


Adelaide, SA
Travelling in the local area
0431 414 124 or 0431 414 124

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Details last updated on April 29, 2020