Kai Chiu

“With music, I believe that it’s like having a conversation; a question asked and an answer in return. The flow of melodies can be something beautiful, the drive of the harmony powerful and intriguing. It is something that I wish to instil in my students; people who see and hear the sound not as black and white, but a mirage of colours that dances and plays with their senses…”

As a practitioner of musical expression, Kai endeavours for his students to employ feeling into their playing, advocating musical creativity through self-inspiration and personal learning.

An aspiring classical pianist with more than 15 years of tuition from some of Queensland’s finest teachers, Kai has qualified and walked-through much of the examination syllabus within the Australian Music Examination Board, able to guide and prepare students from preliminary to Grade 8. Endeavouring to guide his pupils on the art of romantic playing through their own personal experiences, Kai places a strong focus on individual reflection and self-visualisation, encouraging students to feel and connect with their performance.

Graduating from a Cert III in Music from TAFE and currently undergoing a Bachelor in Audio Engineering at SAE Quantm Creative Media Institute, Kai is also well-versed in musical production, sound design and composition, using Digital Audio Workstations to create contemporary tunes, explore and experiment with environmental soundscapes, and complement indie gaming projects with his accompaniment scores.

Regardless of learning piano for leisure, preparing for exams, connecting with your performance, or exploring the art of music-writing, Kai is laid-back and carefree teacher, ready to give a helping hand for any aspiring musician.

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Details last updated on July 27, 2018