Renée Truong

“I take a modern and innovative approach to my teaching across all levels of playing.”

As a piano and whistling teacher, Renée brings innovation, creativity and musical expertise to Vincent Music Studios.

Before coming to Vincent Music, Renée has performed on numerous occasions including Mansfield State High School’s production of Beauty and the Beast (euphonium, tuba), the Queensland Pops Orchestra’s Celtic Celebration (choir) and Creative Generation – State Schools Onstage (featured choir).

Renée has experience in instrumental conducting and primary school music teaching. She has also undertaken professional development in her music teaching under the supervision of the Director James Vincent. Renée likes to spend her spare time transcribing music from audio recordings.

In her teaching, Renée believes in encouraging the potential within each of her students. She does this by achieving a delicate balance between technique and creativity, always seeing music as a special means of expressing ideas and emotion.

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Details last updated on July 27, 2018