Vivian Russell

  • Post graduate

I have over 40 years performance and teaching experience with the violin. All students under my wing have reached musical success with proper support and guidance as well as comprehensive musicianship theory lessons as well as additional AMEB exam requirements such as aural skills and sight reading.

Violin has always been my passion. I play professionally at weddings and other events in my spare time and am first Violin in my local orchestra. Great with kids, great with parents, and even great with adults who just want to give Violin a try!

Can also provide performance opportunities for keen students who want to experience what it’s like playing in front of an audience, which is great for building confidence and a valuable lesson in showmanship.

Contact me via email if interested at or 0411-150138

North Rocks, NSW
Travelling in the local area


Details last updated: February 14, 2024