Vivian Shou

I have recently completed my AMEB pianoforte exams (grade 8), and am now looking to share my love of the instrument with students looking to begin learning piano. I have been trained under both the classical (finished grade 8 classical pianoforte), and for leisure (finished grade 6 for leisure) AMEB syllabuses so I have experience with all styles of piano playing, from school band repertoire to the classical works of Bach and Mozart. I am also studying Music 2 for HSC currently.
Perfect for primary students wishing to begin piano. I have been playing since I was 5 myself and understand the pressures and excitement of beginning your music journeys, and can accomodate for all musical aspirations- whether it's for school bands, classical training, or just for fun.

Pitt Road
North Curl Curl, NSW
0404 341 357


Details last updated on October 11, 2020