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Vocal Manoeuvres Academy

General Details


Emerging from our CEO’s personal mantra to elicit the authentic voice of each and every person she comes into contact with, we know that what we bring to the world through the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy is the visionary skill to harmonise your authentic voice in this virtuosic symphony of humanity.

We set out to transform the way people relate to their authentic voice and help them to understand how the use of their voice is what really matters.

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy is the ‘go-to’ Academy for vocal soloists, singers and choristers of all levels who wish to participate at a peak performance level of vocal and choral ensemble training, coaching and conditioning.

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy teaching staff is a team of voice coaching, choral conducting, education and performance experts who excel at coaching solo vocalists and directing dynamic choral ensembles. Leading this team and ensuring they maintain their peak state is the CEO, internationally renowned chorusmaster and vocal coach, Alison Rogers. Alison inspires commitment in the company of artistic, operational and administrative staff to develop their respective elements of the business to an outstanding level.

The Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of The Manoeuvres Group and provides the following services:


Weekly singing lessons or short term vocal coaching delivered onsite at our premises or online in our Private Tuition Program. Intensive, short term delivery of training and tuition via our Summer/Winter Schools and Vacation Programs.


Weekly, or project based, choral and ensembles rehearsals, training and industry relevant performances.


Weekly, or project based, workshops and education services to festivals, schools and education organisations, sporting and corporate entities.

These details were last updated on July 5, 2017