Caitlin is a experienced early childhood teacher and works extensively with our young singers. With her bright and effervescent personality, Caitlin is often heard humming in the corridors of the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy as she travels to and from her classrooms often with little people following her and enjoying her presence a la Pied Piper of Hamelin. Caitlin has sung in the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy since her primary school years and is an alto in the prestigious ensemble Exaudi Australis. In addition to teaching the Melodic Minors program in the Vocal Manoeuvres Academy, Caitlin often runs sectionals and commences rehearsals with the adult aged groups in our Ensemble Program. Caitlin provides the vital services of music support to our Vocal Manoeuvres Academy Director which includes assistance with rehearsal room set-ups, distribution of materials and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Details last updated on June 30, 2017