Exaudi Australis

Styles All vocal ensemble and choral repertoire.
Skill Level Advanced

Exaudi Australis is an outstanding mixed-voice chamber choir of twenty-two experienced choristers with a diverse repertoire ranging from the Renaissance period to contemporary choral works. A particular point of focus for the ensemble is the commissioning and presentation of works by Australian composers.

The ensemble collaborates regularly with renowned Australian composer and producer, Richard Vella and their program 'An A-Z of Spiritual Music: A User's Guide' is gaining considerable recognition both here in Australia and abroad.

In 'An A-Z of Spiritual Music: A User's Guide', Exaudi Australis explores the many uses of the term "spiritual". In this innovative concert program they treat the term 'spiritual' as one's engagement with life and present a catalogue of devices and various states through music associated with meaningfulness and transcendence. Through providing sonic human experiences, Exaudi Australis facilitates a deeper relationship with the other, that other being a beloved, our environment or God.

"'An A-Z of Spiritual Music: A User's Guide' is essentially a manual for the various ways composers and musicians represent spiritual personal experiences and metaphors through music. These experiences can be emotions, memories, understandings, ideas of phenomena." Richard Vella, composer and producer.

Vocal Manoeuvres City Campus At Coorparoo Secondary College.cnr Cavendish Rd And Stanley St East
68 Hawthorne Road Woolloongabba
Woolloongabba, QLD
Contact office@vmacademy.net.au
(07) 2102 1424
Brisbane, QLD
Travelling in the local area
Contact office@vmacademy.net.au
(07) 2102 1424

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