Vocal Studio Helsinky Morizon

  • International Voice Teacher of MIX
  • Classical study in voice
  • Speechlevel Singing
  • AMEB Grade 5 piano

Helsinky Morizon teaches singing in high standards and finds the the ways to good and healthy vocal techniques for each individual. She also is a member of IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of MIX). Please visit www.helsinkymorizon.com

​'The Mix'

“By mixing the chest and head voice you receive the full benefits of “both voices:” the natural and powerful sound of the chest voice, and the beauty and range of the head voice. As a singer learns to sing using both of these resonances and trains the vocal folds to stay together, it is possible to vocalize smoothly and evenly from one register to the next.

Depending on how these two resonances are “mixed,” a variety of sounds can be created and all styles of music can be accommodated. A sound that is natural and unaffected throughout the entire vocal range can be used in ALL styles of singing.” (IVTOM 2012)

3/92 Macintosh St
Forster, NSW
0466 168 260 or (02) 6554 9836


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