Voiceology in the Hills - Miles H Harris

Miles Harris has been involved in music since a young age. He began playing professionally in his mid-teens and continued to do that while developing his composing (staff writer for Albert's music) and arranging skills. His arrangements have been used by many artists and bands across Australia. His first instrument was trumpet (Daly-Wilson Big Band) then guitars and added vocals. At this time he started some serious research into techniques for singing. He is a keen analytical coach and enjoys helping singers realise their full potential. For the greater part of his career he worked with singers, in his recording studio, developing their songs for recording and preparing them for live performance. He received a Mo Award as well as an Ace Award for his contribution to the music industry as a sound engineer. His wealth of experience in live performance and arranging music in many styles makes him well equipped to assist singers, whatever their chosen genre. He has been a supporter of Voiceology since its inception and attests to the values and methods it subscribes to. He works from the Hills Area of Sydney.

11 Acer Court
Cherrybrook, NSW
0412 878 194 or (02) 9980 8881


Details last updated on September 18, 2017