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Vox Office Music Tuition

General Details

Contact: Cate de Carteret, 0405 319 110

Vox Office Music Tuition is a Bellfield (between Thornbury and Ivanhoe) based music school. Lessons are taught from the Vox Office home studio. Alternatively, tutors conduct lessons from students’ homes.

Founders Paul Spurling and Cate de Carteret specialise in piano and vocal lessons.

As working musicians, they are able to source tutors from their vast network of professional contemporary and jazz musicians, ensuring every student can access tuition on their chosen instrument, including bass and guitar.

At Vox Office Music Tuition students are taught to become functional musicians, to extrapolate their knowledge and apply it to the music they love, thus inspiring participation and the motivation to grow!

In his essay ‘Music Is Music’: Piaget & Vygotsky, Abstract Thought and the Conflicted Schoolboy, Paul Spurling describes his personal experience with the too often disconcerting nature of classical music tuition:

‘For him ‘football is football’ for sure, but piano lessons are piano lessons and rock music is rock music and never the twain shall meet (to coin a phrase).’ –

Vox Office Music Tuition aims to bridge the gap in creating lessons that students ‘want to do’, instead of ‘have to do.

These details were last updated on January 23, 2017