Danielle Vox

  • BA Music Ed & Dip Ed

Danielle is one of our headteachers and is also the administration manager for Vox Singing Academy.
Danielle is a passionate and dedicated singer and teacher who strives to get the best out of all of her students leaving no stone unturned.

Danielle starting singing at the young age of 4 with our very own Peter Vox. Now with 25 years plus experience behind her and a wealth of knowledge with extensively Live performance experience performing original and cover compositions at countless clubs and pubs around Melbourne,Recording her own material in the Recording studio, song writing; structure and composition and extensive music industry knowledge. Danielle is more than willing to share her wealth of knowledge and experience with all students both past and present.

Dedicated Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach, Danielle Vox

Daniel previously taught at Vox singing Academy before taking extensive maternity leave to have her two children.

Danielle’s personality is friendly, calm, patient, relaxed and confident combining this with her powerful voice and large range giving her the ability to teach both males, females, adults and children. Having children herself combined with her great personality, Danielle specialises teaching children and young adult classes.

Danielle enjoys to sing and perform all genres of modern contemporary singing and particularly loves Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Theatre, Hard Rock and Dance music.

Danielle teaches at the
–Dandenong studio on Mondays and the
–Bayswater studio on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

“I've been singing with Vox Singing Academy for almost 2 years. I have learnt so much – for example, how to breathe correctly and use my diaphragm to support my voice, how to widen my vocal range, and genre specific techniques. My singing teacher Danielle is very supportive, encouraging and honest, so you know where to improve. I always look forward to my lessons as they're always enjoyable and informative."

– Stef Pasinati

“When I started at Vox Singing Academy in mid-2015, I had no singing talent whatsoever. Danielle changed that. I can now sing on pitch, use my falsetto and add emotion to songs with trills and cries. Danielle is a personable, talented and hardworking singing instructor, whom I would definitely recommend if you want to learn how to sing."

– Gary Chau

“Danielle is an amazing singing teacher, I’ve been getting vocal lessons from her for a couple of years. She is very patient and will help overcome any singing speed bumps along the way. The atmosphere in the studio is always light and fun while maintaining a professional standard of techniques and guidance. She has helped me a lot with my breathing, taught how to sing in falsetto and what vocal crying technique is, much respect to Danielle and everyone at Vox!"

– Michael Higginbotham

Details last updated on January 26, 2021