Group Singing Lessons!

Group Size Groups of up to 8 participants
Styles All contemporary styles
Skill Level Beginner to professionals
Suitability Ages 6 to 99 years
Pricing 40

Vox Singing Academy’s group singing classes are a fun, interactive and enjoyable way to build your confidence and learn how to sing.

We offer a supportive and relaxed approach to your singing tuition in our children’s group classes. By singing and performing in front of classmates on a weekly basis, they will fast track there performance, stage presentation, and vocal abilities. All group classes consist of groups of three to seven students per class, both males and females. Group Classes are only run for children under 12 years of age.

It will start with a quick introduction followed by a question and answer session covering the previous lesson. The entire group will participate in learning a new scale to warm up and strengthen the voice. This scale(s) are recorded by your teacher to take home and add to your previously assigned scales workouts. Students are encouraged to practice scales and singing every day at home in there own time.

Students participating in group classes will be given the chance to sing through their song in front of their classmates. The song may be a cover performed by another artist or an original composition by the student. Tips and techniques the student can apply directly to their song will then be given by our singing teacher. This provides a fantastic opportunity for students to not only learn technique applicable to their song, but also to the songs sung by their classmates. By attending our group singing classes the student will learn how to sing with correct technique, gain invaluable performing experience, build confidence and receive advice and guidance they can use in future song choices and performances.

The group will also be working on collaborative pieces with students having the opportunity to perform solo parts within the song. Once the group class have progressed to the next level, students will learn how to harmonize a song. Similar to how a choir with a more modern and contemporary feel.

All students taking group singing classes will then have the opportunity to perform at the Vox Singing Academy student concert. These concerts are held regularly throughout the year and students can perform as a solo artist or sing with the group. This allows the student to get up on stage and perform in front of a live audience and gain valuable stage experience.

Our group classes follow a different curriculum to our private one-on-one classes. They are run in a fun, relaxed, format with a strong emphasis on teamwork and support from your classmates. All of the important principles covered in our private singing lessons will be covered in group classes but in a less formal manner. These include: extending your vocal range, pitch and ear training, confidence building, proper vocal technique, correct breathing technique, stage presentation, audience interaction, microphone technique and performance skills.

During group singing classes, all students will be given the correct vocal warm up and breathing techniques, vocal scales and a regimen to practice at home together with their songs. Regular bimonthly reviews of the scales and songs will be conducted by the teacher to assess how the individual students’ progress in tracking.

If the singing teacher deems it professionally necessary to hold private singing tuition to work on areas that may need improvement or more attention, they will discuss this with the students parents or carers privately outside of the group singing classes. The student is at any time more than welcome to request one-on-one tuition with their teacher.

Available at Dandenong, Bayswater, St Kilda and Brunswick

Emily – Wednesdays at the St Kilda studio (4:30-5:30pm) & (Adult group class) Last Monday of every month (6 to 7pm)
Kate – Thursdays at the Brunswick studio (4:30-5:30pm) & (Adult group class) Last Saturday of every month (4:30 to 5.30pm)
Rients – (Adult group class) Last Monday of every month at Brunswick the studio (9 to 10pm)
Ryan – (Adult group class) Last of Saturday of every month at the St Kilda studio (4:30 to 5.30pm)

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