Justin Time is a gun singer song writer bursting with enthusiasm, energy and passion to teach his singing craft to VSA students. His musical knowledge however, extends much further than you would expect.
He started his musical journey back in grade 1, attending school in Brisbane. Justin’s love for music was first founded through singing along to the radio, relentlessly till everyone complained. Justin states ‘I think that’s what first drew me to music, I could be loud, get everyone’s attention and singing made me feel great’, go figures why he then went on to be head of the the school percussion ensemble for 3 years.
Moving onto high school, Justin picked up the guitar and started working more on singing and songwriting and also delving more into Music theory, composition and production. By the end of high school, he was writing and performing his own songs and proceeded to take this further through tertiary study, at the Australian College of the Arts with a major in songwriting. There he obtained further experience and knowledge in stage craft, writing, producing/mixing, DJ-ing, musical history, arrangement, composition and production.

During this time Justin started to get his musical fingers into a few band projects; gaining local gig experience, marketing and booking/communicating too venues and festivals. His current band project is “Kid Outta Water”, in which he plays lead guitar, vocals and is the principal song writer. Justin also has years of experience busking predominantly in the Music precincts in the inner city and St Kilda.
Justin uses a wide variety of techniques from hard rock grit/screaming to clean angelic falsetto. All of these vocal and singing elements have been extensively refined with VSA’s head and principal teacher, Peter Vox. Justin has a personal interest in a wide range of genres such as blues, funk, heavy metal, soul, and pop. But also keenly explores new genres of music and singing. Thus, be able to extract and blend all the best parts of a musical style to create his sound.
Justin possesses and extensive vocal range which enables him to teach both males and females, adults and children in all contemporary genres of singing including singing with distortion and screaming.
He also offers, in studio and online guitar lessons through vox singing academy. Justin has now been playing guitar for over 10 years. He’s spent hours upon hours dedicating himself to refine his skills, on the acoustic and electric guitar.
Using his very own carefully planned out syllabus, that aims to take guitarist from any level to mastery. Even if you’ve never touched the instrument. With Justin’s guitar lessons you will very quickly be able to play along with any song, on the radio or otherwise.
Further, Justin goes into great detail and thought with his lessons, to bring you all the information he wish he had from the start. Justin can play all kinds of techniques and styles, from funky chords to acoustic folk. Bluesy licks and squealing rock. Tapping, finger style, you name it! No matter your interest or level of guitar, these lessons are perfect for you.
Beginner, intermediate & advanced GUITAR lessons
Home RECORDING & SONGWRITING for the budding producer or musician
Using a LOOP PEDAL for stage performance or busking
Justin’s Teaching Hours:
Monday – St Kilda Studio (12 PM – 10 PM)
Tuesday – Moorabbin Studio (12 PM – 10 PM)
Wednesday – Carnegie Studio & Online (12 PM – 10 PM)

Details last updated on January 26, 2021