PETER VOX – Director & Principal Teacher

  • BA Music Ed & Dip Ed

Peter is the Founder, Director and Principal teacher of Vox Singing Academy in Melbourne Australia. An expert in his chosen field with 35 plus years experience in the music industry and has been teaching professionally for more than 25 years. As a result of his expertise with singing, vocals and voice, he formally write a monthly singing column in national music magazine, Mixdown. Peter has his own YouTube channel titled The 5-Minute Singer enabling you to access to great free content on everything to do with singing, performing, songwriting, touring, life coaching, motivation, physical health and fitness in regards to the singing voice.

Peter Vox started performing at the age of 6 at the local church choir and formed his first band at the age of 13. This led him to the United States to study for 4 years whilst learning his craft, singing and performing on stage. Peter has sung professionally in the United States and Australia in bands and musical theatre.

He has trained with some of the world’s most sought out and renowned singing teachers and instructors studying numerous contemporary and classical vocal techniques and styles and has then take the best and most crucial and important elements from all of he studies, also through teaching and performing experience, inventing and creating new scales and techniques himself to create the BEST & MOST effective singing syllabus available.

Through his musical studies, training, experience and performing, Peter has the answers to ALL voice and music industry questions. He is always more than willing to share his wealth of knowledge with all his students past or present, to give you the best modern vocal and singing tuition possibly available. Peter is also an accomplished songwriter and can teach any form of modern contemporary vocal and singing tuition from Pop, Rock, R&B, Theatre, Jazz, Alternative, Soul, Indie, Blues all the way through to extreme forms of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Screaming.

Peter is always looking for new vocal innovations and techniques to build and improve Vox Singing Academey’s vocal teaching syllabus.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I am not developing new and different innovative techniques to push the boundaries of the voice, vocal and singing tuition.”

Peter has many prominent and successful students with major label record and performing contracts. He has also worked on reproduction of songs with many his famous student artists before they had gone on to record them. Peter has also co-written songs with many of his students. Peter possesses a huge 5 octave range. He is very energetic, driven, and popular teacher and availability for his classes are limited.

Peter performers nationally for corporate functions and special events with he’s acoustic duo/sequenced duo F & P.Private singing lessons with Peter Vox are $50 for 30 minutes. He is available at our Carnegie, Dandenong , and Brunswick studios. Peter gives online lessons to students all around the world and also runs intensive half day and full day singing lessons for overseas, interstate and country students or you students that want to progress quickly in short amount of time.

Peter is also a notable Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Life coach and Spiritual Guidance coach.

Carnegie on Mondays between 12 noon – 10pm
Dandenong on Tuesdays between 12 noon – 10pm
Brunswick on Wednesdays between 12 noon – 10pm

"Peter is a master teacher. His unique ability to connect with you and get the best and most out of of your voice is the true power of his teaching style. He gives you the gift of singing in whatever style and genre you want to sing. He is also an absolutely amazing vocal coach. He will push you further and literally 'higher' than you ever thought you could achieve – both vocally and professionally.As you achieve your vocal goals, you will find you will respect Peters ability to bring out the best in your voice and will feel proud to win his praise and mutual respect. Personally, I wouldn't of known what to do without him! I would not have achieved the success I have or be where I am today without his vocal training and I'm proud to call him my mate”


"Peter knows more about my voice than i do, he has fine tuned areas of my vocal technique that needed work in no time at all, I only endorse peter and his techniques, simply put he is a ninja level voice specialist. Peter has helped me so much in such a short space of time, do the work follow peters expert instruction and free your voice, it's that simple get the best voice get the best teacher Peter Vox".


"Sending a massive thanks to Peter at Vox Singing Academy and yourself for taking my voice to the next level, that it consistently needs to be at to be a great singer.
Much loved and respected!".


"Hey Peter. Thanks so much for the warm up exercises. I'm in the middle of the 55th show in 60 day tour of Europe with Dirt River Radio and Electric Mary and there's no way I could sing every day with out it. Thank you for your amazing work. ".


"To the great Peter Vox.
I want to sincerely thank you for taking my voice from a pauper to a prince. Hail to you the king!!!".


"After a neurological trauma I have had difficulties with my pitch (ear/voice coordination), which is devastating if you're singing for a living

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