Sela Hauser-Hafoka is a Polynesian born (Tongan, Hawaiian)/ American artist. Sela started taking voice lessons in California at age 11 and continued her vocal education while singing in choirs during her childhood and teens.
This led to her joining stage production groups, performing musicals to live audiences during the summers of 1994-1996 in San Joaquin County.
From her graduating year, Sela was launched into a year long World Tour with a Non profit organization called “Up with people” (Cast A 1997-98). She performed as a lead singer and main character in a tour that hit over 300 different stages and reached over 150 countries. The tour not only developed her skills as a singer and performer, but gave her the understanding, confidence and experience with managing a voice on a gruelling worldwide tour, understanding song structures and arrangements and being able to listen carefully to the music while singing and performing. Also vocal/singing hygiene, maintenance, care and health during this very long world tour.
At the end of the tour, Sela settled and resided in Switzerland for over 20 years. During this time she developed her skills on a number of different instruments such as Guitar, Saxophone, Flute, Piano and Ukulele. She joined several different bands playing Saxophone, flute and lead vocals, all of which recorded in studios and played stages across Europe. The musical styles ranged from traditional European to classical, to jazz, blues, rock, punk and contemporary pop.
Sela Vox performing “Love Song” by Adele in the studio

Sela Vox Teaching
Over the last 10 years, Sela has performed as a session singer which led to her visiting and record at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. This helped her develop an innate ability to improv and form melody on the fly as well as develop a strong sense of harmony for backing and support vocals.
She’s collaborated with artists across the globe, co-writing, recording and assisting with songwriting and production. This led Sela to Australia where she finalised her critically acclaimed debut original album release “A Breath Away” in 2018 under the band name “Caught with Candy.”
With her broad international experience Sela continues this work with a focus on teaching/coaching singers and songwriters across the world via zoom and Skype lessons.
Since meeting Peter Vox and joining Vox Singing Academy, Sela has found a passion to share her own colourfully collective experiences and knowledge.
Sela teaches all contemporary genres of singing to adults and children, males and females, beginners to advanced online and face-to-face in studio.
Sela has a huge huge vocal range that particularly caters for higher singers.
She specialises in song composition, identifying song melody, lyric tonality and phonetic flow, pitch control, vibrato and improv.
Sela’s Teaching Hours:
Tuesday – Online (9 AM – 8 PM)
Saturday – St Kilda Studio (9 AM – 5 PM)

Details last updated on January 26, 2021