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Skill Level Beginner - Advance
Suitability Ages 5 years and up

Group Guitar Lessons

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7 yrs to Adult classes in their respective age groups.
Guitar Legends focuses on the essential techniques used for playing the guitar: Strumming, picking, understanding chord structures, and various approaches used in today’s styles of music and repertoire including many of the now famous legendary riffs, chord progressions, classics, Top 40, including rock, blues, metal, reggae, whilst learning to perform solos using various techniques and variations.

Our classes have been uniquely designed in such a way that STUDENTS ARE ASSESSED AS AN INDIVIDUAL, allowing them to develop at their own pace, and not be held back by others, this also allows new students to enter the programme at any stage

Students learn to read music, and gain a greater understanding of music theory during fun filled class activities.
Your child is required to have an A 4 display folder – this helps in the management of their music/activity sheets which are provided at no extra cost, all music is written and arranged by the Wellard School of Music.

“So much fun your child will not even suspect they are learning to read and play music.”

Guitar Legends covers the many various style associated with playing guitar… the group environment allows musical benchmarks to be set and met by students and their peers, whilst developing their musical ear, sense of pitch, and hand-eye coordination, group environment breeds confidence, self-esteem, and develops their social skills.

“Making music together builds bonds of trust and communication, all are vital for emotional well-being and academic success”.

We work closely with our surrounding councils and various institutions, providing us opportunities for our students to help build confidence and skill through performance, including various community events.
You can also watch your child grow musically through our performance recital/concerts which are held at the end of each semester (mid-year and end of year), we have traditionally, and will continue to ensure that our recitals are friendly, encouraging, inspiring and FUN!!!! Including the presentation of certificates, whilst creating wonderful memories that last a lifetime, and the children are always asking “when is our next concert?”
They really enjoy this event, and most importantly it builds SELF-ESTEEM and a “HUGE! CONFIDENCE BOOSTER!”

You can read much more on the effects and benefits music has on your child’s development, on our website:
Including other programs we offer, you can also view class photos/videos… The site is still young and is building all the time, we appreciate your patience.

Koorliny Arts Centre
10 Hutchins Way Kwinana
Kwinana, WA
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(08) 9523 2004

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