Wendy Cummins

  • 30 years teaching experience

Singing Teacher/Vocal Coach

Some thoughts to consider.

  • Do you love singing?
  • Do you loose power in your voice when the song you're singing is low?
  • Just can't reach those higher notes well?
  • Do the higher notes you can reach lack strength and power?
  • Do you experience shifts in your voice when singing through
    your range from low to high or high to low?
  • Do you run out of breath easily?
  • Is your voice tired or hoarse after singing?
  • Do you want to sing in many styles?
  • Do you feel you've hit a plateau in your training?

If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions, you'll enjoy singing lessons as they cover all these issues and more.

Here's a couple of tips to get you started.

  1. Keep your posture straight from head to toe as if your head is being pulled upwards by a piece of string.

  2. While keeping your shoulders still, breathe from your diaphragm allowing your belly and chest to expand.

  3. Focus your sound onto the roof of your mouth which creates vocal tone, quality and strength.

  4. Initially sing quietly to achieve challenging higher notes. The power will come later. Also singing quietly encourages your voice into tune and perfect pitch.

Many years ago a 14yr old student couldn't sing in tune at first but within 18 months he sang 'Music of the Night' from 'Phantom of the Opera' and was brilliant. He achieved this by his own determination and my vocal techniques do work.

Most students just love to sing for pleasure, but for those who enjoy challenging themselves the AMEB annual exams are available and many achieve B+ and A+ Distinction.

Some of my students join local stage productions and gain leading singing roles. Recently one of my 16 year old students played the lead role of Christine, also from Phantom. This was a great challenge for her but she achieved it and received standing ovations. Shortly after this event she received a trophy for the best female singer in her age group, a prestigious local singing award. These students owe their success to consistent practice and a determination to succeed.

I enjoy helping VCE and HSC students with their singing assessments and preparation for their final school exams.

If you love singing, you don’t need a naturally gifted or even tuneful voice because with training, determination and perseverance you will succeed.

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All bookings please contact my Manager, Scott:
0407108203 at Level Up Music Academy, 146 High Street, Wodonga

146 High Street
Wodonga, VIC


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