Werner Ruecker

Attention Attention Attention!

New to the Bayview and Northern Beaches area!

I am a classical guitar teacher who is moving from Melbourne to Bayview at the end of July. I have had many years of experience and teach all levels/ages from beginner to advanced. I will be available for lessons from this time.

For the last 6 years I have been conductor of the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra and will begin conducting the Sydney Mandolin Orchestra from July onwards.

I am looking forward to connecting with the Sydney music scene and building a solid student base at my home in Bayview.

The classical guitar is an incredible instrument with an enormous repertoire and variety of sound that can make even the most simplest of melodies sound rich and beautiful. Your choice in wanting to learn the instrument that has been described as a mini orchestra can open a whole new world for you.

The joy of learning music is a wonderful experience.
Whether these lessons are for you, your children, friends or other family members please take that next step and give me a call.

I have a wealth of teaching experience in schools over many years and am just as comfortable sitting with a 6 year old as I am with an 60 year old.

Please give me a call on 0402 570 415 to discuss your lesson options.

Northern Beaches Bayview, NSW
0402 570 415


Details last updated on July 17, 2019