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WestEnd Piano Tuning Services

General Details

Graduate of Australasian School of Piano Technology, Melbourne

Jamie Crickmay is a graduate of the Australasian School of Piano Technology. WestEnd, where all pianos – the old, the young, the short, tall, arthritic, even the wan, the dissonant, the hideous…no wait, not the hideous… but yes, the wayward, inharmonious and uncongenial – receive professional care and service!

Jamie has a current Working With Children Check.

A standard tune (to A440 concert pitch) is $1​7​0 for an upright or grand piano in good condition​ and tuned within the last 12 months​.
​​A ​​piano ​untuned in more than a year ​(​or in less good tuned condition​ requiring a pitch correction​​)​ is $210​​.
​​A piano ​untuned in more than two years ​(​or in ​quite ​poor tuned condition​ requiring a pitch correction and condition tune​​)​ is​ ​$225. ​​​

Some heritage pianos with older style overdamper or ‘birdcage’ actions incur a $30 surcharge because the strings are more difficult to access and take longer to tune.

A minimum service fee of $9​0 applies​ if pianos is unable to be tuned.​ Call WestEnd on 0425 782 542 to make your piano a joy to play again.

These details were last updated on July 9, 2018