Christopher Nielson (St George) -nielsonc@stgeorge.com.au-24/11/08:

“Dear Tanya – todays concert was a happy event, all credit to you and to your methods. The boys displayed genuine enthusiasm in playing. Blake shows you are able to inspire and we very much admire your ability to help boys like Blake enjoy learning to play with great pleasure: He sits easily and unprompted at his piano, often before school or at weekends. He loves playing contemporary pieces like Clocks ad Scarborough Fair, pieces he can identify as famous songs. Thank you, we all look forward to next year, [even if, for now, Blake might presumably be a little anxious about an exam]!”

Robyn Elliott-robyn_elliot@yahoo.com- 19/11/08:

“Thank you for the opportunity to give some feedback on Edward’s piano this year.

Edward has really enjoyed piano this year. I feel he has made a big step forward in understanding musicality – not just playing the notes but trying to express each piece. He has also progressed in his music reading. I think he has also benefited from playing more classical music. Thank you for helping him achieve this.

Thank you for teaching Edward this year. He enjoys jour lessons and we have seen the benefit of them in his progress”

Andrea Tennant (Optus)-atennant@optusnet.com.au-20/11/08:

“James has very much enjoyed your classes, he tells me you are a great teacher, and he has learned a lot from you.

I have noticed how his learning has improved under your direction, and I think the pieces that have been chosen to teach/learn have been outstanding.

His enjoyment of learning and playing has also improved since you have been teaching him.

Barry and I would like to thank, and congratulate you, on the excellent job that you have done with James this year.”

Neil and Gillian Forbes -forbesgn@bigpond.com-30/11/08:

“ Hi Tanya, hope all is well…. We are pleased to say that we thought your tactic of letting the kids develop and enjoy playing piano rather than focusing in on heavy theory and exams was a great move especially for Jack. In the last few weeks especially Jack has been constantly saying h eloves the piano and jumps on without coaxing and plays for 30-40 mins at a time, he seems quite relaxed when playing and as always hones his perfection….!!!”

Vanessa Gibson/Dickson -vanlynn@bigpond.net.au -18/11/08:

“Thank you for a great year of Piano with Byron. Byron has enjoyed your instruction and looks forward to next year with you.

I’m sure that you and Byron can find some more Grade 7 or equivalent pieces that he can learn in 2009 to challenge him.”

Wendy Strathdee-strathdeee@estc.net.au-14/10/08:

“Thank you so much for teaching Adam the piano this year – he is loving it and I am thrilled by his progress. You are clearly a very good teacher!!

I also appreciate your suggestion that he prepares for an exam next year and agree that it would be a good idea.”

Melanie Collins-melanie_collins@mlc.com.au-18/11/08:

“Thanks for the attached. The boys have been very happy at school learning piano and look forward to their lessons. I think that both of them have grown substantially in their classes and their ability. I have to say that when there is a bit of pressure for them to perform, they tend to practice a lot harder and once they do that, they really get better quickly.

Both boys are very keen to play contemporary pieces and they love the way that people know the songs especially those the are theme songs like titanic and love story – they play these a lot still and always play for relatives and visitors!”

Linda Macken-macken6@bigpond.net.au-25/11/08:

“Thank you for a wonderful semester of piano for James at Shore this year.

We were so pleased that he could continue his piano lessons in High School.

He has enjoyed his lessons with you and has enjoyed his practice at home

He is always happy to practice and has enjoyed his new pieces.

We look forward to continuing in 2009 and also look forward to sitting his first piano exam.”

Kristeen Adam-Smith (Director, Group Treasury, Wespac Baking Corporation)-kadamsmith@westpac.com.au-25/11/08:

“Scott really enjoys his piano although he likes to practice a lot and learn things by heart! He has really enjoyed the star wars music especially

I am sure he would be happy to do an exam next year!”

Katherine Raftesath-katherianddouglas@hotmail.com-1/12/2008:

“Thanks for teaching Edward piano this year. He enjoys his lessons very much and he likes playing the piano. I never have to nag him to practise as he enjoys it; he likes being able to “master a piece” as he calls it! Edward would like to continue with piano next year and I would like for him to do his Grade 1 Exam if you think that is appropriate ( I did exams in piano till I finished Grade & Piano and I think it is good to do them). I like the pieces he plays and he likes practising them! I am pleased with the progress he has made! I am happy to buy a book of music as the photocopies get a bit worn out. I hope you have a good Christmas!”

Craig and Jullia Wells-cmj@cimtec.net.au -24/11/08:

“I am pleased to let you know that Craig and I feel he is making good progress with his technique. He plays with more finesse than he did when only taking jazz lessons.”

Nicole Manfred-nicole.manfred@asx.com.au-25/11/08:

“Simon was very pleased with himself following the piano concert and told me he would like to continue piano and sit exam next year.”