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Will Ferrier

General Details

Vocal/Singing Instruction (and plenty of laughs!) with Will Ferrier.

Find your range and emote the same feeling you get from your singing idols.

Learn to care for and recover your voice.

After singing on stage (including Big Day Out, Southbound, Laneway, Blues & Roots and various musicals) for 15 years Will Ferrier has developed the skills and experience necessary to reach your vocal and/or singing and performance goals.

Police and working with children cleared.

Always remember success comes from patience, practice and repetition ☺

Previous clients:

Mosquito Coast
Tyler Rivers
Thee Gold Blooms


“I once hurt and lost my voice not only at gigs, but from overuse. But Will has helped me improve my strength and control of my vocals and singing”.

- Dylan

“Will has helped me to actually sing when I thought I couldn’t. His lessons make me laugh too!”

- Bridget

These details were last updated on January 30, 2018