"Xana did a wonderful job with Liam. She was very engaging and encouraging and was able to quickly assess his level of knowledge and pitch her teaching accordingly...he is now very enthusiastic."

- Cassandra

Xana was able to move me out of the rut I was in with my playing, reinspiring my interest in guitar and introducing me to a new way of exploring the fretboard. Thanks Xana.

- Chris

"Our son has leapt forward with his practical and technical guitar skills. Xana's lovely, positive teaching style has encouraged his love of music and he adores coming to each lesson".

- Oliver's Mum

"I've really enjoyed learning to play guitar with Xana. Xana is obviously very passionate about music, she's really patient and teaches in a way that is easy for me to understand. I could never read music when I played piano but I've been learning really quickly with Xana. Lessons are structured really well so I notice my progress, and it's always heaps of fun!"

- Jenna

"I am in my mid 20's and have always wanted to learn guitar but found the prospect daunting, so when I went to my first free lesson with Xana I was ecstatic to find a teacher that was not only very passionate about teaching but also very patient and knowledgable. Every week I learn so much about music but it is always in a fun way that is easy to understand. I will now be going into my second round of lessons and I can't wait to further my guitar skills and comprehension of music! I would recommend Xana to anyone who is wanting to further their skills with guitar from children to adults!"

- Haley

"I've been learning guitar with Xana for over 6 months now. Each lesson is well planned and structured, full of handy tips, and she clearly has depth of knowledge of guitar and music in general. She is patient, supportive and very thorough. I can see definite progress and have gained confidence in my playing over time since starting lessons with her. I highly recommend taking lessons with her!"

- Elisa