Ximena Abarca

  • Music and Performance (Chile) Cert IV Music Tuition (Aus)

Do you love to sing but you feel you can't do it the way you dream to?
Don't worry about it, everybody can sing. You just need to learn the right technique and I can help you with that in a fun, didactic and enjoyable lesson.
You will learn about correct breathing, scales singing, stage skills and repertoire of your choice to put everything you learn come together. Personalized program for each student.
After the end of the term, students have the opportunity to perform live.
Current WWC.

I've been into music all my life. I have more than 15 years experience performing and about 4 years teaching. I did my formal studies in Music and Performance (Chile) and Cert IV Music Tuition (Aus). I play piano and guitar I'm happy to help you with any of these instruments as a complement of your singing or songwriting.

I believe we can free ourselves with the power of our voice.

Classes are held at my house in Coburg.
Group lessons are welcome.

All the best,

Sydney Rd
Coburg, VIC
0414 609 068


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