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Youhan Avraham dermo

General Details

I’m an experimental musician, drummer and drum tutor. have been traveling around the world in countries such as: Italy, Iran, India, Turkey etc, collaborating, recording and performing with many international musicians such as Mike Lepond the bass player of Symphony x, Steve Grooves, Marina Xavier, Nicolas Rastul, Elvis charles Rumion, Semin Ghanem one of the legendary voices of Iran, and bands like Electric Puls, Badraam, Zavoosh, Amot, Saraab, Bidad, Kahtmayan, Avesta and many others. I composed and recorded my own songs which are available on Spotify, Deezer, Google play and iTunes under my name: Youhan Avraham Dermo. To check out my background you can Google my name Youhan Avraham.

These details were last updated on February 2, 2018