I’m a professional piano teacher living in Sydney, offering online piano lessons to any student who has a good internet connection. I have graduated with a Masters degree from Berklee College of Music, U.S.A. - I am comfortable and confident when working with students of all ages teach all ages from 5 and up.

Over the years, my experiences as a professional pianist both teaching and performing have taught me that we are all different and unique in our tastes in music. I understand we all love different things about it, so I take pride in being a very flexible teacher who can cater for all students, no matter what their own personal goals are.

Music really is it's own unique language! It's important to understand the basics of this so we can lay down a solid foundation for you to grow and develop upon. My main teaching method is to teach you the songs you love. In fact, I feel it’s almost mandatory to learn songs you love – after all, that’s why you’re learning, right!?

Details last updated: February 3, 2023