Mr Zeljko Bedic OAM, is the most passionate, inspirational, professional and talented music teacher for piano, accordion and music theory that I have ever had the pleasure of learning with. I have learned so much from him over the years and have advanced in leaps and bounds in my playing and performance which has been thoroughly enjoyable and lots of fun along the way. He is a person of the highest integrity and his teaching approach and professionalism are outstanding. Zeljko has the ability to bring out the best in every student that he teaches. I would highly recommend him to everyone from young children to adults and seniors.

- Judith Hague

Last year I decided to reignite my love of music by picking up piano lessons again after around 15 years of not playing. I was nervous about finding a teacher with whom I could connect, as I find this to be very important when learning an instrument. My anxieties fell away on learning with Zeljko. He has a talent at setting you at ease and working with you at your level. He took the time to get a feel for what I wanted out of lessons and my musical tastes. He has a wealth of experience with a focus on technical excellence so as to cultivate expressivity and feeling when playing. I am so happy I took the leap back into lessons.

- Cammilla Carmichael

Zeljko Bedic OAM is a wonderful and talented accordion teacher who has been instrumental in fulfilling my childhood dream to play the accordion.

I started learning accordion with Zeljko at the age of 35. It was something I always wanted to do, however with study, work and family never got around to doing it.

After a search of the internet, I picked up the phone and met Zeljko for a few introductory lessons, and then signed-up. I made more progress during a couple of weeks with Zeljko than during the lifetime before trying to learn on my own. Zeljko’s professional teaching has provided me with encouragement, support and insight that I required. Five years later, I still look forward to my music lesson every week.

Having an excellent teacher like Zeljko makes a huge difference!

Zhenya/Eugene - Sydney Lawyer, part time dad and full time accordion student.

- Eugene Khristenko

Mr Zeljko Bedic OAM is an extraordinary and outstanding music teacher and AMEB Examiner, who has dedicated his life to music, music teaching and education at the highest level for piano, accordion and music theory. In his private one-on-one classes, I have benefited immensely from Mr Bedic’s excellent approach to teaching and his superior insight into interpretation of music and performance, that is comprehensive and professional. This was even apparent with some very advanced and difficult pieces which I was preparing for my HSC Encore concert and state, national and international competitions. I have gained the highest level of music knowledge from my one-on-one classes with Zeljko. His excellent and encouraging communication in lessons makes it very easy for students to follow instructions. He is precise and to the point in identifying any issues and challenges that need to be addressed, and provides clear guidance on how to resolve those with great patience, knowledge and understanding. Zeljko is very active to answer students' questions and concerns as they arise. He is the best music teacher whom I have ever had and has helped me to achieve the pinnacle in my music career, including my numerous achievements in successfully winning the NSW State, National, Australasian and International championships. Terry Bin Lu - Architect

- Terry Bin Lu

Mr Zeljko Bedic OAM, is an outstanding, caring and dedicated professional diploma music teacher / AMEB Examiner of the highest calibre, for Piano, Accordion and Music Theory (including aural and sight reading skills). His focus is on important musical details and to always ensure that my daughter Bianca fully understands one concept thoroughly before moving onto the next topic. By setting a very high bar and standard, Zeljko has not only helped Bianca achieve outstanding AMEB exam results (High Distinctions, 100% and 98%) but has also strengthened Bianca's work ethic and self-discipline. He is truly a great and highly experienced teacher, whom we are extremely happy with and would highly recommend him and Paddington Music Studio to anyone!

- Yun Li / Bianca Zhu

Zeljko Bedic OAM is an inspirational piano teacher at the highest level who achieves outstanding AMEB exam and competition results for his students at Paddington Music Studio. Making the decision to sit for my AMEB AMusA Piano performance exam was extremely daunting and intimidating as it appeared to be a significant step up from my AMEB Grade 8 Piano exam. Prior to Zeljko, I had only been taught by one other piano teacher and was definitely concerned about making the switch, despite Zeljko’s extensive experience, qualifications and credentials. However, being an AMEB Examiner (Diploma Level) and his 25 Year AMEB Examiner Service Award, I decided to sign up for an introductory lesson and didn’t hesitate to continue with lessons immediately after that. I just knew that I was in the best possible hands to prepare for my exam. Zeljko has taught me invaluable lessons with performance and interpretation, and completely reignited my passion for playing the piano and music overall. It all came to fruition and paid off in the end, when I was awarded my AMusA Piano Diploma on my first attempt due to Zeljko’s professional direction and guidance and all of the hard work that I had put in. This all occurred just prior to commencing my HSC / Year 12, the following week. It was an amazing feeling and I couldn’t have been happier! I would recommend Zeljko to anyone who is looking for an exceptional piano teacher.
Yolanda Tan - Medical Student at Melbourne University

- Yolanda Ying Yu Tan

Since I started having piano lessons with Zeljko, he has provided me with professional direction to advance my piano playing to the highest level it's ever been. I started taking lessons with Zeljko after taking a break for over a decade and wanted to lift my playing back to where it once was. Within the first couple of weeks, he had already guided me to improve my technique and overcome the hurdles I was facing in my pieces. From there on, I continued to progress and I'm now playing better than ever before in preparation for my AMusA Piano Performance Diploma exam. Zeljko is always patient, calm and professional and puts me at ease. His lessons always add value to my week and I would without a doubt, highly recommend him to you as your piano and music theory teacher!

- Marita Ferreira

Zeljko’s impressive qualifications and credentials, experience, knowledge and patience make for an inspirational accordion teacher who is taking me to new levels of performance and enjoyment of playing. Time after time I discover new ideas, technique and skills thanks to Zeljko. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent accordion and piano teacher.
Dr Emmanuel Karantanis - Obstetrician

- Dr Emmanuel Karantanis

Zeljko Bedic OAM is a phenomenal piano and music theory teacher as well as being a highly experienced AMEB examiner and adjudicator. As an adult beginner student, I was very nervous to begin learning an instrument from scratch, however Zeljko has been extremely professional, supportive and patient, and has made my learning very enjoyable and a lot of fun. He is teaching me a lot more than piano along the way, including determination, focus, relaxation, excellent technique, attention to musical detail and the art of expression and phrasing. I highly recommend Zeljko at Paddington Music Studio to young children, teenagers and adults alike. You will absolutely love your music lessons with Zeljko!

- Danielle Khalil

I have been a piano and music theory student of Zeljko’s at Paddington Music Studio for more than two years and have achieved outstanding results in my AMEB Grade 5 and 6 piano exams, well beyond what I could have reasonably expected. My results were a Honours (A) and High Distinction (A+) respectively. To say these results were a surprise to me is an understatement and they are a testament of Zeljko's ability to prepare me and all of his students for piano exams exceptionally well. In addition, I achieved High Distinctions (100%) in both my AMEB Theory of Music exams thanks to Zeljko’s passionate teaching style and attention to detail.

I am an adult student who returned to piano after a break of more than 30 years. My motivation and enjoyment of the piano is the result of his methods, experience, and knowledge. Zeljko is able to impart a strong understanding of the musical requirements, but also to generate understanding of the subtleties, stylistic characteristics and interpretation of a piece of music or technical work which raises the student to a superior musical level. I thank Zeljko for passing on his exceptional knowledge of music and performance and instilling a high level of confidence in my playing ability. I am more than happy to recommend Zeljko to any student who wishes to achieve outstanding AMEB results or just learn for fun and enjoyment.

- Andrew Stewart

I would highly recommend Zeljko Bedic OAM at Paddington Music Studio if you are keen to learn to play the Accordion, Piano or Music Theory. Zeljko is an outstanding, highly qualified professional music teacher and AMEB Examiner, well above the rest. His passion for music and ability to impart his vast knowledge and experience to his students in a fun and enjoyable way, shines through each and every lesson. He is a truly awesome teacher who is extremely patient with his students, which is very hard to find these days. He possesses a vast knowledge and understanding of all genres of music and has the ability to bring out the very best in each and every student. I recommend Zeljko without any hesitation for your future music lessons!

- Liz Forrester / Renae Ivanovic

Zeljko taught me Piano and Accordion at the highest level. He is a highly committed and passionate music teacher who always strives to bring out the very best in all of his students. He personalises his teaching to meet each students’ needs and aspirations. Zeljko's extensive qualifications, credentials and background as an AMEB examiner were extremely helpful with my preparation for AMEB exams. Under his outstanding direction and guidance I was successful in winning the Music Teachers' Association of NSW, Margaret Chalmers Memorial Scholarship on the Accordion, where I competed at the highest level against a variety of instrumentalists such as pianists, violinists, flautists etc., achieved 1st place in the AATA Australian Championships and was also successful in being awarded my AMEB AMusA performance diploma on the Piano, on my first attempt. I was also cordially invited as a special guest to perform as a soloist at the MTA’s Centenary Luncheon at Parliament House in Macquarie St, Sydney. I would highly recommend Zeljko Bedic OAM at Paddington Music Studio as a music teacher to students at all levels and ages.

- Dr Li Li

Learning to play the accordion with Zeljko has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Nearly two years ago, I decided to purchase an accordion. I had never played one before, but I was fascinated by it as an instrument and was intent on learning to play. At this stage, I had not played an instrument in over ten years since I left high school and I had no keyboard experience. I quickly realised I would benefit greatly from professional music lessons and luckily I found Zeljko Bedic OAM (highly experienced, qualified and an AMEB Examiner) at his highly regarded Paddington Music Studio. I have attended weekly private one-on-one lessons with Zeljko for over one and a half years now. Through his professional tutelage, guidance and direction, I have gone from a complete novice to playing ever increasingly challenging, beautiful and complex pieces of music which I thoroughly enjoy. Zeljko has provided a professional, safe and welcoming learning environment at his studio. His passion for music is undeniable and I look forward to continuing lessons with him for years to come. Needless to say, I hold Zeljko in the highest esteem and would highly recommend him to students of all ages looking for accordion, piano and music theory lessons.

- Callum Clarke

Zeljko is a passionate, kind and patient piano teacher, experienced with adult and young students alike. He is a highly experienced AMEB Examiner, professionally qualified and credentialed diploma teacher who has a strong understanding of the AMEB examination system. He helps students prepare for AMEB grade exams all the way up to AMusA / LMusA Piano Performance Diploma level, in a structured and thoughtful manner. Zeljko is insightful and has an excellent ear, with a strong focus on listening to musical detail and interpretation of student’s pieces. He has prepared me to successfully complete my AMEB 8th Grade Piano exam and we are now embarking on to my new challenge of preparing for my AMusA Piano Performance Diploma. I would highly recommend Zeljko at Paddington Music Studio to anyone who is looking for an exceptional piano and music theory teacher.

- Liana Downey