Exam Preparation (Sight Reading)

Styles Classical
Pricing $40 per half hour

Sight reading is an excellent way to engage the brain in a dynamic and rewarding practice, as well as empowering students to decode pages of previously unrecognisable music. Students undertaking most AMEB exams are required to sight read to show that they can comprehend and decipher new music on the spot. Sight reading requires a lot of time and practice; I. Stuart et. al., third link provided below, found that 15 weeks of training was required to make simple reading tasks fluent or "automatic". There are no shortcuts that will make up for lost time if it's fallen by the wayside, but there are some tricks and tips that students can work on to improve the skills they have. Tuition in sight reading should be accompanied by tuition in all the additional areas of examination required by the AMEB if it's being done for exam preparation. Improving upon each of these areas will aid a student getting the best mark possible, so they don't get let down by having neglected these often-forgotten components under examination.
Some adult students concerned with their brain ageing also benefit hugely from sight reading, due to it's positive effect on neurological activity. Read more here: http://www.neuro.uni-jena.de/pdf-files/Rogenmoser-BSF17.pdf
Whatever the age and motivation, sight reading is an extremely rewarding practice that ultimately allows one to play new pieces at a moment's notice, which is an incredible gift.

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