Piano Lessons - Theory, Aural, Improvisation, Sight Reading, Exams, Performance

Styles Classical | Jazz | Blues | Gospel | Rock | Pop
Skill Level Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced
Suitability Ages 4 years and up
Pricing $38 for half hour, $72 for 1 hour

Is music your passion?

Do you want it to be enjoyable and simple to learn?

As a Professional Member of the Music Teacher's Association, Angela Meyer has been playing the piano for 31 years and teaching since completing her A.Mus (AMEB) in Classical Piano in 2003. She loves teaching and helping her students to play the piano, sing, and most importantly - enjoy their lessons. She implements lessons that are interesting as well as structured and educational. She uses games and other instruments to make learning rhythm and aural skills enjoyable.

Angela teaches a range of different styles, depending on students' goals and aspirations. Students walk away from their first lesson playing at least a couple of songs. With continuation of lessons students who put in the daily effort at home (especially when young students have actively involved parents) develop strong foundations in understanding basic musical principles, empowering them to fluently understand and be creative using their new musical language.

Angela desires that you learn practical skills related directly to the music that you are interested in. Music theory that isn't approached in a functional, systematic and applicable way doesn't promote long term understanding. Teaching is adapted to students' speed of learning, skills and personality, and Angela values regular feedback from her pupils. She values proficient sight-reading and improvisation as basic skills, emphasises playing by ear and touch and learning across varied genres and with emerging technology. These are important skills to develop on the journey to becoming a well-equipped and well-rounded musician.

She teaches from 4 years old and anyone who is willing to learn new musical skills and embrace lifelong learning. Her students have an opportunity to perform twice a year at Studio Recitals to get a feel for performing in a friendly environment.

She encourages and coaches her students in composition and lyric writing, performing their own gigs, applying for open mic nights and busking. Students striving for excellence and wanting more performance experience also perform in other local recitals, Eisteddfods, Competitions, and extra opportunities to begin busking and acquiring paid gigs.

For students desiring to progress through to higher grades, it can be at their own pace. It is important to have an experienced teacher when undertaking exams to ensure it is an enjoyable experience.

Give Angela a call or send her an email if you would like to have a chat and get more information. She would be more than happy to help you.

Please note, visits to students' homes for lessons are not available. Also, Angela is currently fully-booked, so if you are interested in lessons you may have to go on the waiting list. This may be a wait of a few months up to a year until a space becomes available.

Mount Coolum, QLD
0466 155 557

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Details last updated on February 28, 2022