Ashley Davies

I studied drums in high school for 3 years with one of Perth’s great drum tutors who gave me a strong foundation in learning the basic principles of technique, reading, rock and jazz…but really, all I wanted to do was play in bands, play live, make records and play music. So, when I left school I went straight out and started auditioning to get into a combo and my drum education became playing live, the great drummers, records and the road. Qualifications, well…I don’t have any, not from music colleges or schools that is. My drumming qualifications/credentials are that i play the drums and for nearly 40 years I have worked as a full time drummer having played on over 70 albums, recorded for film and television soundtracks and performed/toured with various artists in Australia and internationally. I have also written and produced 7 of my own albums and performed shows based on these records at festivals around Australia. I have been teaching individual drum lessons (see testimonials) for 30 years and teaching drums at Emerson School for 20 years. My lessons are based on my own Drum Teaching Studies over the years into the craft and from my experiences as a full time drummer working in the many varied genres of drumming of which are outlined in the Drum Tuition Principles section on my website.
Over the years I have collected and studied many of the great drumbooks from many era’s (books from even before the first drumset was starting to form) that have been written and that I have in my library and from this study I have noticed there is a very specific and ordered approach to learning drums…starting with hand technique, then going on to feet technique, co-ordination and movement, independence and putting all of these disciplines together into a groove/beat and drumfills to the style of drums you want to play. I also studied Drum Fundamentals with Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa) from the Los Angeles College of Music as a professional development exercise to see how they set up a drummers foundation and from all of the knowledge I have ascertained from this reading and investigation and from my own personal experience and observations I have put together a system of tuition and practice that works for drummers at all levels and with the recognition and respect for their own individuality to bring to fruition the best in their drumming.

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