Drum Lessons

Styles a range of styles
Skill Level beginner, intermediate, advanced, post graduate
Pricing $60 for 1 hour lesson, $40 for half hour lesson.

Being a player/teacher and full time Drummer my focus and lesson content is on all that is needed if you want to make a career out of drumming which includes playing, performing live and session drumming and also to those who want to learn/work on drum technique, play drums for the pure joy of what the drums are…with your friends, the school band, playing along to records in your room and the casual gig. If you are enthusiastic, willing to learn, practice and do your homework then my Drum Lessons are for you. I offer Drum Lessons for people of all ages and levels – junior, intermediate and advanced.
I work specifically on what the student wants to accomplish from drum lessons and the style of drums they want to learn. I incorporate hand and feet technique, co-ordination and independence as well as, if they want, introducing them to a number of other drumming styles…rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, latin, hip hop etc, which can help in developing your own individual style, creativity and improvisation. Playing to music is also an integral part of the lesson and a great way to learn about arrangement, feel and dynamics.

Greville Records 152 Greville Street
Prahran, VIC

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Details last updated: March 18, 2022