Ben Noynay Music Studio

  • Associate Degree in Music Industry


Ben Noynay Music Studio incorporates the principles of empowerment into learning music that leads to an effective collaboration between the teacher and the student in a way that opens the doors of ownership, responsibility and accountability for both of them.

Once officially enrolled, you will begin a challenging yet enjoyable journey of learning music with a focused objective of achieving excellence by developing and maximizing your God-given gifts and talents, and eventually converting them into skillful performances that you can share with the world.


Repetition is the mother of skill. I require one hour practice everyday in all my music lessons because I believe that excellence can only be achieved with constant practice.

For example in my singing lessons, I will require you to comply with a weekly assignment to fill up the monitoring forms for your breathing and vocalization exercises on top of the assigned songs to be learned for that particular week. This monitoring will run for 90 days. In addition, I will record your session in order to monitor your progress.


What you hope to do with ease you must first do with diligence. In all our sessions, I will also teach you some basic principles about how to succeed not just in your musical journey but most of all in life itself.

Success requires an attitude of determination to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Some students give up easily especially when the lessons become tough and more challenging.

You have to give yourself the opportunity to become successful. So stick with your lessons until you can call yourself an expert in your chosen musical career.

Details last updated: March 13, 2023