Bonnie Smith

  • BA music performance
  • Voice Major
  • Estill Certified
  • Postgraduate Degree ESL (Spain
  • Navarra)

Bonnie Smith is a singer, composer, piano player and guitarist. She is a deeply creative artist and a passionate teacher. Bonnie holds a Bachelor of Music and she has studied music in Canada, the United States, Australia and Spain. She also holds a Postgraduate Degree from Spain.

Bonnie is a world music extraordinaire, singing in many languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish and not to forget, English. Her strengths are also in Jazz and improvisation where she has studied at the VCA and under the likes of her teacher Rhiannon and Bobby McFerrin (United States).

She is currently the lead singer and composer of her world music ensemble “Reflejos” performing at many festivals in Australia and around the world.

Bonnie has also studied the art of Flamenco in Spain, where she has found new ways to express her voice and technique. She has travelled extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe where she has taken her music on the road.

She is one of the primary voice teachers at Melbourne Polytechnic in the Certificate and Advanced Diploma programs. Furthermore, she is the lead facilitator of a vocal singing practice called “Circle Singing”, which explores the art of improvising in the moment.

Bonnie has had over ten years of experience teaching to adults and children and also VCE students. She has vast experience preparing students for AMEB exams in both voice and piano. She also understands the journey of music as a self help tool and loves teaching for fun and joy. She relishes in the benefits singing and music can provide to gain a deeper sense of connection to one’s self and others.
If you would like a worldly approach that can help you get to where you want professionally or if you just want to experiment and play, she is the perfect choice!

Erin Street
Preston, VIC
0408 037 627
Fitzroy, VIC
Travelling in the local area
0408 037 627
Northcote, VIC
Travelling in the local area
0408 037 627
Ivanhoe, VIC
Travelling in the local area
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