Chloe M.

Hi. Why choose me as your teacher?

Piano lessons include optional singing lessons for free as part of the piano lessons so, that is 2 lessons for the price of 1.

Cheaper than some other teachers.

I have a current Working With Children Check I can show u.

Lessons at your home or mine.

Pay per lesson, not per term and do not pay for lessons u did not have. You can reschedule a missed lesson.

Start anytime.

I provide tailored lessons so, we can always discuss what u prefer more or less of, no worries. (Optional exams. Optional singing. Music theory options.)

Any age or skill level.

Enjoy positive progress each lesson.

I try to be the best teacher the students have ever had.

Optional exams. Students exams results: up to A+. Typical exam result is: A

Referees available from happy customers past and present.

I can show u my Working With Children Check, current drivers licence and expired police check, until I get my police check updated.

I'm encouraging giving praise.

Parents thanked me for being so patient, encouraging and helpful to their children.

I am told I look younger than my age but, I have been teaching since age 15 and now age 45 = 30 years experience in teaching piano.

I have taught in three schools. I won first prize under 12s competition in Dandenong.

I give free helpful advice regarding knowing what to look for in buying a quality digital piano or piano, compared to a keyboard.

You can start with any type of cheap keyboard. If u have not bought a digital piano or piano yet then I can still get u started on my piano and teach u music theory etc.

Lessons are typically 30min/$30 each wk.
If u can't afford $30 u can book $25/25min.
Longer lesson eg $45/45min.

If u do not have a piano or keyboard yet and need to practise daily, u can book two short lessons per wk to practise on my piano eg $25/25min and $25/25min.

If u want the convenience of me travelling to your home, there is a cheap travel fee.

Before (optional) exams it helps that I have two pianos for u to feel the difference cos the exam piano will feel different to what u practise on at home.

(During COVID, social distancing, two pianos is helpful.
During COVID, video lesson options.)

I teach reading and correct techniques.

Unlike some so called teachers, who are scammers, who are just money hungry, not about teaching correctly how to read music.

I refuse to do group keyboard cos parents and students who previously tried this complained keyboard group teaching held back the student, teaching incorrect bad habits and reading incorrectly by finger numbers only with many gaps in the fundamentals.

If u have a notebook I can write your weekly homework and receipts.

I speak clear English so u can understand what I am teaching u.

I look forward to your ph or email enquiries for a friendly chat, no pressure no obligation.

Thank you :)

Brighton, VIC
Travelling in the local area
Elwood, VIC
0422 480 857
St Kilda, VIC
0422 480 857
Albert Park, VIC
Travelling in the local area
Melbourne, VIC
Travelling in the local area
Carnegie, VIC
Travelling in the local area


Details last updated on January 28, 2022