Dave Carr

  • Bmus.Studies(Musicology)
  • m.AUSTAT

Alexander Technique, Guitar and Banjo lessons in Kellyville and St Leonards.

My teaching philosophy is centred around getting clear about what you want to achieve and helping you get there.

To work on technique, the most obvious thing to do is to look at the way the hands contact the instrument. That's certainly important, and yet if you start by addressing what's going on with your whole self you can achieve much more significant results.

If we can be creative in the way we approach the lessons, practising and playing in general, then these all become much more exciting.

Rather than the standard 'dry' approach, I prefer to explore theory by looking at what you like and gradually breaking it apart, progressively building up an understanding of the pieces of the puzzle. This way there's a sense of discovery and of a clear understanding of why that piece of information is useful.

Terrace 2, Level 1 & 2
82-86 Pacific Highway, St Leonards
St Leonards, NSW
0407 376 939


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