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Mellanie Shaylor School of Music - Hawthorn, VIC
Our Music Director works with a small amount of young flute students each year. Whether you are learning for fun, preparing for exams or learning performance skills, each lesson is carefully planned out for the individual students needs
Contact - Mellanie Shaylor
0404 102 615
LIZ CLARK - Ashburton, VIC
Maggie Mai - Caulfield North, VIC
Christopher Bevens - Caulfield, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Camberwell, VIC
Kylie de Niese - Clayton, VIC
Isabelle D'Rozario - Hampton, VIC
Jana Simone - Highett, VIC
Jana Simone - Brighton, VIC
Cassandra Ford - Clayton, VIC
Christopher Bevens - St. Kilda East, VIC
Brianna Bowles - Notting Hill, VIC
Tristan Richards - Elsternwick, VIC
Judith Carpenter - Prahran, VIC
Kylie de Niese - Malvern, VIC
Sally Hughes - Brighton, VIC
Catherine King - Clayton, VIC
Baker LEUNG - Ashwood, VIC
Dom Chaseling - Brighton, VIC
Taryn Anderson - Glen Iris, VIC
Taryn Anderson - Camberwell, VIC
Stephanie Alice - Camberwell, VIC
Marc Law - Clayton, VIC
Brianna Bowles - Clayton, VIC
Megan Kenny - Melbourne, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Burwood, VIC
Kate Terry - Hawthorn East, VIC
Michelle Levi - Toorak, VIC
Hilary Ekins - Brighton East, VIC
Stephanie Alice - Glen Iris, VIC
Luke Carbon - Melbourne, VIC
Erin Kersing - Hawthorn, VIC
Caitlin Matters - South Yarra, VIC
Rachael Bareket - Caulfield North, VIC
Taryn Anderson - Canterbury, VIC
Kim Pearson - Cheltenham,
Stephanie Alice - Malvern, VIC
Paul Williams - Camberwell, VIC
Kim Pearson - Black Rock,
Sally Hughes - Elsternwick, VIC
Nathalie Resciniti - Glen Iris, VIC
claire nicholson - Hampton, VIC
Christopher Bevens - Malvern, VIC
Catherine King - Mount Waverley, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Mt Waverley, VIC
Cassandra Ford - Oakleigh, VIC
Skye Taylor - Brighton, VIC
Lauren Gorman - Malvern, VIC
Katie Kim - Canterbury, VIC
Kim Pearson - Beaumaris, VIC
Vinod Prasanna - St Kilda East, VIC
Michelle Levi - Elwood, VIC
Lauren Gorman - Hawthorn, VIC
Clare Thawley - Bentleigh East, VIC
Mark Shiell - Prahran, VIC
Christopher Bevens - Armadale, VIC
Karman Lee - Mount Waverley, VIC
Lauren Gorman - Ashburton, VIC
Dana Boden - Clayton, VIC
Kylie de Niese - Oakleigh, VIC
Joshua Tram - Malvern, VIC
Sally Hughes - Elwood, VIC
Dom Chaseling - St Kilda West, VIC
Kim Pearson - Black Rock,
Danielle Lonie - South Yarra, VIC
John Glover - Camberwell, VIC
Kim Pearson - Beaumaris, VIC
Hannah Black - Melbourne, VIC
Kim Pearson - Mentone, VIC
Kylie de Niese - Chadstone, VIC
Kate Arcadia - Elsternwick, VIC
Zina Foster - Caulfield, VIC
Dana Boden - Glen Iris, VIC
Phavian Phipat - Oakleigh, VIC
Kim Pearson - Mentone, VIC
Jana Simone - Hampton, VIC
Jana Simone - Sandringham, VIC
Cate Johnston - Malvern, VIC
Trish Campbell - Brighton, VIC
Kim Pearson - Cheltenham,
Julia Mercuri-Svik - Clayton, VIC
Michelle Levi - Brighton, VIC
Leonid Grigoryan - Mckinnon, VIC
Hilary Ekins - Hampton, VIC
Lauren Gorman - Glen Iris, VIC
Sally Hughes - St.kilda, VIC
Lauren Gorman - Camberwell, VIC
Melissa Edwards - Ormond, VIC
Sarah Green - Malvern, VIC
Natasha Taneja - Ashwood, VIC
Latitude Music Studios - Surrey Hills, VIC