Me, Rita has leant a lot of thing from Faina. I have just started violin,she has teached me and helped me with lots and lots of things,I started with 0 and I have now improved a lot.I understand every thing she says even if I don't she would explain to me.She is a good teacher!

- Rita Ma

I am thought very well in detail and showed exactly how to practise and fine tune my learning at home as well as in the lessons.
Lessons are fun and interesting.

- Hayden Dashwood

Faina is an amazing violin teacher. I started lessons with her about four years ago, having never even picked up a violin before. I can now say that I play with more confidence and precision thanks to my lessons with Faina. She has a teaching style that is encouraging, supportive and customised to my style of playing and learning. I still look forward to each lesson as an opportunity to learn something new, challenge myself to do better than last time and to have a good chat and a laugh with my friendly teacher, Faina. Thank you very much for such a wonderful gift.

- Jarrod Madsen

During our time with Faina, I’ve noticed that my son has been able to view learning from a different angle. He began thinking in and understanding the language of music, pausing to comprehend and then play, instead of rashly mimicking his teacher. A large emphasis is placed on the student’s intrapersonal musical development. I can see my son beginning to understand the importance of focus and grasping the ability to coordinate his inner vision of the painting that is music, displaying his passion through a well formulated technical ability.

- Janna Borovik

Faina is a talented, engaging and professional teacher with a contagious passion and energy for music. I approached her as I had wanted violin lessons for several years and instantly knew that she would allow me to excel and achieve with my instrument. She tailors your learning so that you can advance at your own pace, but is meticulous with technique and thorough with her teaching in the best sense. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is inspiring and I am thrilled to be studying under her! I would highly recommend her to all age groups and all levels!

- Katherine

My name is Rachael and I have never touched a violin before.
I started learning violin with Faina since July 2015 and she is an excellent teacher for beginners as she is patient, tailors curriculum as you progress in your own pace, explain why you have to do certain things in a certain way to get you ready for future performance, she also encourages you to do more and brings up your confidence level, helps you improve not only on violin techniques but also music sense.
Very importantly, we have a lot of fun in the class as well which is why it keeps me going forward.

- Rachael Qi

At the age of 49, I decided to take up the violin and have now been playing for just over 18 months. I began the journey from day one under Faina’s instruction. When I began my lessons, it only took a few sessions for me to be convinced that she was the right teacher for me. Apart from her amazing playing ability, I was most taken by how disciplined and professional she was as a teacher. She made it clear to me in my first lesson that she was big on technique and posture. I consider these traits necessary foundations for becoming a good violinist / musician. In a fun and kind way, Faina pushes / engages me to play better each week and my musicianship and music interpretation are constantly improving. After approximately 1 month of playing, Faina encouraged me to join her adult student violin band. I took her up on her offer and to date, I continue to play with the group. As part of Faina’s dedication to her students and teaching, she holds concerts where most of her students and the adult band perform to their family and friends. I love how Faina encourages her students to be part of her music community. She is a “One Lady Music School” that I’m happy to be part of.

- Sandro Giomi