Baby Music Classes

Group Size Groups of up to 10 participants
Suitability Ages up to 2 years
Pricing $15

Jungle Babies Classes - 6 months to 18 months

In class your child will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of percussion instruments, discovering their different textures and sound – the tapping sound of wood on wood with woodblocks & rhythm sticks, the jingle of metal bells etc.

It is wonderful to see the delight and glow of discovery on your baby’s face as they make music.
Concepts including fast & slow, high & low, soft & loud are explored.
Activities include rhymes, dances, playing percussion instruments, directed creative movement, and singing.

In no time at all your baby will be learning how to “take one for Mummy and one for himself/herself” as the percussion instruments or the scarves come out and most importantly, how to put things away – very nice training for the toy box at home!

In our Jungle Babies programme you and your baby will have fun through music and you can be assured that you are helping to lay down fundamental neurological frameworks for your child’s future learning. Learning music is linked with positive outcomes for children in all aspects of development, future learning capabilities and consequently their lives. And most importantly – at Forte, it’s going to be FUN!

Forte School Of Music Stafford
17 Billabong Street
Stafford, QLD
Contact Cassie Dormer
0402 734 981

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Details last updated on June 23, 2021