★ “Intuition is the BEST music school! All you need, practicing, live performance, confidence. The best thing is they always give the kids a chance to perform and not have to be perfect, just smile, laugh and support the kids all the way. Keep up the good work!!”

- Jin Blackman

★ “I am very pleased with the dedication and hard work that Craig puts into the students. I can’t believe the progress my daughter has made and always look forward to the end of term concerts. Keep up the great work!!”

- Mel Peters

★ “Intuition Music School is fantastic! Not only do the teachers encourage their students to learn swiftly with correct technique, but they inspire us through a mutual love of music to practice and improve in our own time.”

- Ryan Newling

★ “I love that Jack not only learns the notes to songs but also learns to perform the songs”

- Vickie Perry

★ “I love going to Intuition Music School. My teacher Pu-Yu is very lovely and I'm so glad to have someone intelligent at music to teach me to play piano!”

- Rebecca Plane

★ “My daughter Stephanie loves playing the piano and drums. Thanks to the lessons she’s been getting from Pu-Yu and Craig at Intuition Music School. I love the fact that both Pu-Yu and Craig are first class musicians as well as teachers. They make music fun and relevant as they get Stephanie playing the sort of music that she likes.”

- Suzi Littler

★ “Since joining Intuition Music School I have made significant progress with my piano playing ability. The teaching is professional, dedicated and patient. I am pleased I chose this music school to carry out my passion for music.”

- Felicity McWhirter

★ “In the 3 years that I have been at Intuition Music School I have learnt so much about the theory of music and performance. I learnt both piano and guitar and it has been a pleasure!!”

- Mitchell Pearson

★ “I have been doing music for 4 years and Pu-Yu has been teaching me. I really love music and Intuition Music School is a really great school to learn. It has helped me achieve great things!”

- Jade Peet