Jazz Improvising for Woodwind and Brass

Styles Jazz, Contemporary, Latin
Skill Level beginner to Advanced
Suitability Ages 8 to 100 years
Pricing $42 per half hour lesson

Tuition in jazz improvising theory and practice for wind instruments.

Who I am:

I have been performing woodwinds for 20 years. I have completed a degree in Classical, with Honours in Education, and a separate degree in Jazz.

I have written, arranged and performed for jazz, classical, funk, reggae, covers, klezma, soul, etc ensembles both large and small.

But more than this I have, in parallel, committed myself to being the best teacher I can be:

I am working on a free website with saxophone and woodwind video tutorials at www.thewoodwindcompanion.com .

I have conducted students through AMEB exams and the NSW HSC where they routinely achieve high marks. I keep careful track of each student's progress lesson by lesson and produce a report at the end of each school term.

I have been musical conductor of quartets, quintets, university big bands and my own ensembles.

I have knowledge, experience and am determined to make you into a better musician. Weekly lessons with me, combined with regular practice at home, will make you improve bit by bit until you reach your goal.

Give me a call or email me, I'd love to chat :)

Ngunnawal, ACT

Details last updated on October 15, 2018