Kayler Woithe

Classically trained pianist with teaching experience, 25+ years playing experience and performing musician (guitar, singing, piano), wanting to pass on skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for music to anyone wanting to learn.

Starting classical piano lessons at age 5 and branching into jazz, blues, ragtime, pop-classical and more, I've been playing for the past 25+ years. I love a mix of finger style guitar and chords using chord theory. When not teaching I perform around SA professionally on vocals, piano and guitar for TedXTalks, ABC radio, Convention Centre, weddings, hotels and more. You can find videos on YouTube or on Facebook. This allows me to have a unique perspective on application of skill, dealing with fears, projection and performance.

I tailor the lessons to each individual's style of learning, aiming to encourage enthusiasm in students of all ages, either new or following a life-long passion. This approach often leads to confidence and a long term passion of music. I offer guidance in all areas from beginnings, technical, music theory, self teaching tools, exam preparation, performance, and song writing. I currently work with students ranging 5-81 and am yet to have a student not find joy and growth through working together. All of my beginning students have learnt to sight read within the month.

My teaching method is adaptive, positive and stems from what each individual is seeking. I ask each student to bring with them a direction or aim and we work together to reach their goals in a time frame of their choosing.

Details last updated: February 29, 2024