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  • BPsych
  • AMEB Level 8
  • AMEB Music Theory Level 5


There are many documented studies that show how children are naturally musical right from the very beginning. In fact, babies talk in "musical dialogues" with their mums and are more attentive when addressed in a sing-song lilting voice rather than a monotone!

Making music benefits your child's development in so many areas of their growing life, and what better way to introduce your child to Music than through Kindermusik!

We combine singing, dancing, moving, self-expression, storytelling, rhymes and instrument playing, to create an energetic and engaging class for the whole family. And with your @Home Materials, you get to continue the music-making and beneficial activities at home too!

We keep our class sizes small so we can pay individual attention to each child and work on their strength and potential.

Join us and see why thousands of families world-wide choose Kindermusik for the whole family!


As children reach school age and begin to attend regular school hours, we make sure their love of music continue to grow - we offer group Keyboard classes which are full of fun and laughter, and individual Piano lessons - all at our lovely studio in Karrinyup (for 6 years and above).

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