Kindermusik 0-6 years old

Styles Early childhood Music classes
Skill Level All
Suitability Ages up to 6 years
Pricing $20

Kindermusik is a fun, music and movement program for newborn & babies, toddlers & pre-schoolers.

“ What differentiates the Kindermusik curricula from other group children classes is that it is first and foremost, a child-centred, age-appropriate enrichment program, not just entertainment".

Kindermusik classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate, and the games and activities reflect this philosophy - they target different age groups so that they are always fun, engaging and enriching – through play, singing, dancing, games and literature.

Suitable for

  1. Foundations, for Babies (0 - 12 months)
  2. Level 1, for Older Babies (1-2 years)
  3. Level 2, for Toddlers (2-3 years).
  4. Level 3, for Pre-Schoolers (3-4 years)
  5. Level 4, for Big Kids (5-6 years)

Parents, caregivers, grandparents and friends are all invited to attend with their babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

Come experience for yourself why more than 2 million families in over 70 countries love our music and movement classes for kids. Try a class today! Call us to book an Introductory Class for $20 only!

Babies are inherently musical! Do not underestimate their ability to respond wholeheartedly to what is happening in class, from rhythmic movements to singing and instrument playing. The steady beat they heard for 9 months in their mother’s womb gives them a natural sense of steady beat and rocking.

Each Kindermusik class touches baby in every learning domain - social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and of course, musical.
It is a wonderful place to create special moments to bond with your precious one.

Visit for Current Enrolment and Timetable Details

Community Room
121 Northstead Street, Scarborough
Scarborough, WA

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Details last updated: November 1, 2020