Mark Bain

  • Bachelor of Music (1st Class Honours) ANU School of Music Canberra
  • Guest Student University for Music and the Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main Germany

Tutti Trumpet, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra 2011 - present
Trumpet Tutor, The Friends School, Hobart, 2012 - present
Founder of Performance Under Pressure, 2019 - present
Trumpet teacher, performance coach, and public speaker.

Mark is dedicated to helping musicians of all ages and standards who want to dramatically improve the quality of their practice and performance. His one-on-one lessons will assist you in reaching your musical goals by providing effective, evidence-based techniques and strategies that ensure consistent improvement following each lesson.

Mark uses cutting-edge scientific and pedagogical techniques to enable maximum development for each student, whilst maintaining a fun and encouraging environment to learn.

With over 20 years of performing and teaching experience, Mark's one-on-one instrumental lessons and extensive knowledge of the psychology of education, performance, and music performance anxiety create a well-rounded education for any aspiring musician.

“Mark is incredibly generous with his time and really goes above and beyond to work with you, where ever you are at, to help improve your performance. I would definitely recommend him for literally any level, literally any instrument…I learned a lot of extremely useful things, and was greatly encouraged by Mark’s warm enthusiasm. I absolutely know that you will be too.”


“Mark is a great teacher, and an all round lovely guy. I took a lot away from my lesson with him, and he has some great things to share around performance success, and how to frame what success is. Can’t recommend him highly enough!”


North Hobart, TAS
Also travelling in the local area
0416 730 745
Hobart, TAS
0416 730 745


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