Natalie Cermak Singing Teacher Brisbane

  • 25 years experience and conservatorium trained

Singing lessons by Natalie who has 25 years experience as a performer /singing teacher and trained in Jazz Vocals.

There is a great deal of Technical and Creative technique used to sing effectively and amazingly that spans across all styles of singing and all students are taught these techniques in a supportive and encouraging environment.

All students that Natalie has engaged with have developed at an outstanding rate; the reason for this development is the application of proper technical and creative technique. All the below subjects that Natalie teaches are explained in detail. Everyone has a different learning style and the different learning styles are catered for.

The subjects that are taught are diaphragm control and movement and why it is important to use the diaphragm and how it relates to the voice, breathing control and how to breathe and why breathing control is important for the best tonality and resonance, along with diaphragm and breathing exercises, ear training so you can sing in key, Scale training, tonality control, diction, vowel articulation, phrasing and vocal continuity, voice projection, understanding resonance and how to apply greater quality of tonality to your voice plus much moreā€¦ Above is the technical side to singing and once students develop this understanding we then move onto the creative side which encompasses Volume, Vocal dramatics, Vibrato, the different styles of vocal articulation and Pitch extensions.

Written text such as Module 1, 2 & 3 on how to sing that is referenced from Universtiy text plus practice discs are provided to students, so the student can practice through the week whilst not at lessons as vocal home-work is given to all students

With many untrained singers certain habits are acquired that stifle the voice. Natalie engages with students to correct these habits such as straining at the throat or neck, tensing the throat and trachea area and singing through the nose, which creates a nasal vocal sound. Natalie corrects all vocal mistakes in a encouraging way so students can free up there voice to sing effectively.

Natalie teaches Jazz, Pop, Rock and any style the student wants to accomplish.

Natalie is not just a singing teacher who imparts information to students. Natalie mentors students to perform and can also book paid gigs for students who are keen to develop. End of year performances are organised for students who want to participate, students are also entered into talent contests and various shows in Brisbane.

Details last updated on January 26, 2021