Guitar lessons

Styles Classical, Folk, Rock, Pop, Jazz & Blues Guitar
Skill Level Beginners to intermediate
Pricing $35 per half hour

Classically trained guitar teacher with 25 years experience as a performer and songwriter. Entire Academic side of the guitar fret-board is taught, along with developing your rhythm techniques. Please click on the blue link above for subject list taught.
Natalie: 041 044 8129 / 07 3879 9836
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All subjects are explained to students in detail so they develop a thorough understanding of musicianship and how to play the guitar competently and effectively.

All guitar subjects that are taught are:

How to read music and understand guitar theory whilst learning how to apply it to the guitar fret-board. (This is not guitar tab, it is musical scores)

How to develop a sense of rhythm and strum the guitar with a good sense of rhythm and timing.

Finger Picking

All guitar Chords are taught such as open chords, barre chords and inversions.

Scales and Modes and the relationship between them and their application to lead guitar.

How guitar chords are constructed from scales and the harmonic relationship that chords and scales have with each other.

How to use your guitar to improvise.

How to write songs with the guitar, due to the extra work involved with song-writing an extra charge applies.

All learning materials are provided for students as well as a great learning environment.

If you just want to play your favourite songs, I can easily show you everything you need to know such as rhythm techniques, bass runs, extending chords, chordal trills etc...

Performances for guitar students at local restaurants are organised so students can gain experience of what it is like to work in the industry.

Pro-tools professional recording software is also used to assist students in making demos in order to secure gigs and gain recording experience.

Tip: When looking for a guitar teacher ask them if they read complex classical scores of music, chances are if they do not you will only develop to a certain level with them.

Also specialising in advanced classical students Guitar lessons by Luci, Qld Conservatorium graduate, 25 years experience: complete academic side of the guitar fretboard taught regarding classical guitar and other styles, plus all the above subjects: beginners to advanced.

Inala, QLD
(07) 3372 4337 or 0410 448 129

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Details last updated on August 30, 2013